Malcolm X in Ghana

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1. Malcolm X speaks :  selected speeches and statements (edited by George Breitman
  Grove Weidenfeld 1965

Discussion Questions

1. Discuss the importance of Muhammad Speaks Newspaper for the entire Black liberation movement.
2. Why did the Hon. Elijah Muhammad select Black cultural and left-wing
intellectuals to edit Muhammad Speaks after its first editor and founder Malcolm X (including Dan Burley, Richard Durham, John Woodford, and Leon Forrest)? 
3. What was the importance of the cartoons by Gerald 2X?
4. What role did distribution of Muhammad Speaks newspapers have for duties of members and for fund raising?

Additional Reading

1. Askia Muhammad, Muhammad Speaks A Trailblazer in the newspaper industry
2. John Woodford, They Came to Bury The Black Press
3. Nation of Islam, Muhammad Speaks NEWSPAPER PROGRAM
4. Selected articles from Muhammad Speaks
5. Art Sears, “Malcolm X and the Press,” in Malcolm X: The Man and His Times
Ed. By John Henrik Clarke (1969, 1990)



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