The Black Left Unity Network (BLUN) is an organizational network aimed 
at bringing the Black left into a dialogue and coordinating process to 
give leadership to the rebirth of the Black Liberation Movement.

The main task of this directory is to answer the fundamental question of 
what is the Black left.  We are taking a broad inclusive approach based 
on what we are calling the 80-20 principle, meaning we can allow for 
some level of debate and disagreement within the network.

We are answering the question of what is the Black left by identifying
some of the forces who are part of the Black left. Everyone
listed in this directory is against capitalism and fighting in some way 
against the US ruling class and its state apparatus. Most are veterans 
of the struggle.

The Black activists being radicalized by the struggles of today in a 
period when the contradictions of capitalism have caused deeper poverty, 
unemployment, wars and Blacks being murdered by cops every 28 hours, 
must learn from the past and create new ideas to lead the struggles for 
revolutionary change in this period.

Please send us names of people you want to nominate to be included,
including some links to their voice and written texts.  We are looking
at theory as a practice based summation of lessons to guide the
movement.  We are not about giving legitimacy to merely arm chair
academics or media based public intellectuals. Although we are not
excluding people who are contributing from an academic institutional
context.  Our primary focus is on the activists who speak from the 
grassroots foundation of our struggle.