We are also including people who have died and who live on in memory
and legacy.  This will include people from the US and throughout Africa
and the African Diaspora.

In this process we are including people who have made great
contributions to the struggle for freedom, justice and equality for
African peoples.  It is important to note that not all of these people
have taken a strong position against capitalism, and many have made
great contributions but also done harm or made errors as well.  We urge
you to take a critical approach to the ancestors, celebrating and
embracing their contributions and learning from their mistakes as they
would certainly urge us to do.

While we use video material whenever possible as well as some written
texts, we urge you to read their works.  There is no other option to
learn from the ancestors other than to take their work seriously, to get
their articles and books and read, read, read.